How Branding Could Make Your Company Distinct

Mc Donald’s logo is a very good example of good branding. The simple “M” could instantly catch people’s attention and could even make people hungry. It is important for a business to have its own identity. Branding is basically an important aspect of building character in your company. One of […]

Taking Advantage of Social Media by social media 1

It is normal for a businessman to look for ways by which you can promote your products and services to your targeted audience. That is also why you require advertising whether in TV, newspaper, radio and the internet to convey your message. But now, a proven effective media when it […]

Why are Websites important for Small Business? 1

Why are Websites important for Small Business The typical small business owner today puts in long hours every day in an attempt to make their business successful and profitable. In addition to sweat equity, and the normal expenses for daily operation of the business, attention has to be given to quality advertising and effective […]

Domain who? what?

You’ve probably may have heard of the word “domain“. You asked your web designer, “I need a website.” He replied, “Do you have a domain?” You wondered, what is a “domain”? What is my “domain”? So, you replied to your web designer to make it clear for him what you […]

What is Web Hosting?

Don’t worry, your question is not uncommon. A lot of people doesn’t know the term “Web Hosting” and also the term “Domain“. You’ll find that a lot in the internet by googling it, but not in your kitchen. However, if you need a recipe that you can quickly pull out, […]